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AAT Strategy to 2030

This week I had the privilege of attending CAFA member, AAT's launch of its 2030 strategy. As the title and the year in focus suggests there is a clear emphasis for AAT and its membership on sustainability and business resilience.

AAT acknowledges that the world is changing fast and with it, the role of the accountant. Under the strong leadership of AAT's CEO, Sarah Beale, it's clear AAT now has the confidence and the vision to shape them both for the better.

AAT's strategy to 2030 has three key themes.

  1. Keeping the profession relevant

  2. Driving up professional standards

  3. Building responsible business

In terms of delivering on its building responsible business objective, AAT will lead by example on responsible, sustainable business models, embedding exemplary standards of best practice into its own business, which will inspire and influence AAT's members, students, colleagues and stakeholders.

For CAFA, we believe that 'total sustainability' for membership organisations is about embedding the principles of responsibility and accountability into all that you do . This includes 100% conscious and ethical decision making and practices, 360o sustainability, including carbon reduction and transition planning and diversity and inclusion.

So when CAFA read AAT's strategy we were genuinely excited.

AAT responsible business framework has four broad pillars.

  1. People

  2. Public benefit

  3. Practices

  4. Sustainability

In relation to Sustainability: AAT will focus on how it impacts on communities where we operate, focusing on energy, waste and water. As a CAFA member, we will follow and support AAT on its journey as much as we can.

The evening was complete with an address from Sarah Beale, AAT's CEO, Christina Earls, AAT President, Baroness Penn, Sir Stephen Timms MP.

Despite the global challenges and new demands of the profession, this is an exciting time, full of opportunity. It's exactly the right time for AAT to rise to the challenge, refresh our approach and commit to an ambitious programme of activity.
Sarah Beale, CEO, AAT

I felt very blessed for the opportunity to catch up with AAT and speak with an inspirational range of AAT award winners so, upon leaving I managed a quiet moment, marveling at the magnificence of the ceiling of the halls in between the chamber and the house of lords and a few sneaky photos.

CAFA is working with trade associations and professional bodies to support the development and implementation of their internal and member facing climate action, carbon reduction and sustainability plans.

Click here to learn more about AAT's responsible business strategy and to download the full report.



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