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AEMT share first Emissions Report

Thomas Marks, General Manager & Secretary at AEMT (The Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades) writes:

We are proud to have produced our first Emissions Report with Climate Action for Associations, using a science backed, and quality assured process. 

The report looks at where our emissions are highest (no surprises here; it sits squarely with our international training courses), which is one of the many reasons we now provide online Ex Repair training. 

We have done a hell of a lot to reduce our emissions, and our plan now is to help our members do the same. We want to create advocates out of all our members, so that we can help industry reduce it's carbon footprint. 

By 2030, we should be half way to Net Zero emissions. What has your business done to reduce emissions? What has your business done to reduce emissions? Please share your stories with us and join our Net Zero working group follow the link below:



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