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COP28 Day 6 Takeaways

The day was double-billed as Indigenous Peoples Day and Energy Transition Day. As we move closer to the closing of the Subsidary Bodies, negotiations continued to convene for most issues in almost all negotiating formats. Delegates tried to resolve outstanding issues and/or prepare texts for ministerial engagement.

Discussions on the just transition pathways work programme proved so divisive that delegates met in informal informal consultations to try landing on a text that can be forwarded to ministers during the second week of the conference. The same efforts were seen on the Global Stocktake, mitigation work programme, and more. The task for these negotiators is to prepare a text replete with options that will help ministers negotiate the final COP 28 package.

The Work Programme on Just Transition Pathways continued with informal consultations and reconvened to hear an update from informal informals where parties had discussed a streamlined draft decision to try to better understand various options and identify potential areas for further streamlining. Parties discussed views on the timeline, institutional arrangements and modalities, interlinkages, and outcomes of the work programme. Noting that objectives and scope have not yet been discussed, and negotiations would be required to find common ground, parties requested more time to consult in informal informals.

Indigenous Knowledge Holders held a dialogue with countries and other stakeholders and while many acknowledged the importance of meaningful inclusion of Indigenous Peoples in climate policies and action, in the draft decision on gender, references to Indigenous women and women in local communities were removed, which many countries saw as "a step backward."

In several negotiation sessions, including the Global Stocktake, non-market mechanisms, and technology, countries often urged recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ rights and inclusion in decision making.


Energy Transition Day attracted considerable attention. Actions around the venue chanted and demonstrated for an end to fossil fuels. The Presidency convened high-level roundtables on hydrogen, and on renewables and energy efficiency.

However, many of the negotiations were struggling to complete draft decisions and conclusions before the Subsidiary Bodies close tomorrow. 

Source: IISD ENB


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