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Day 4: Fast Fashion Out of Fashion?

It’s Friday night, so you’re probably reading this on your way to a night of festive cheer! If we could borrow 30 seconds of your time, by the end of this post we’ll make sure you look fab as well as save the planet. 😊

Everyone loves a good look (and a warm jumper this winter). No one really wants to read another article on the harm caused by fast-fashion trends, but unfortunately, as the festive season ramps up, the issue cannot be ignored!

According to Hubbub an environmental charity, £220 million is spent on Christmas jumpers every year, yet a quarter of them end up in the bin or are never to be worn again. In fact, in a shopper’s survey from 2017, 1000 Brits admitted to only wearing their jumper once during the festive period – this means most are being thrown away as good as new.

Despite the 65 million sweaters stashed away from previous years, people are set to buy 12 million new Christmas jumpers this year. To make matters worse, the average Londoner splashes out c.£176 compared to those in East England who spend £43!

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation says that if this trend continues, over 150 million tonnes of clothing waste will clog landfills by 2050. Only 29% of people realise that jumpers actually contain plastic materials and other microfibers that make their way into our oceans and food systems through washes and waste streams. Moreover, most of them are poorly produced and are often made by workers in poor conditions who are not paid a fair living wage.

Given that most festive outfits get little wear, they can actually last for years. Why not give some of these a try if you haven’t already?

-Look in your cupboard and see what you’ve already got before you go and buy!

-Swap your clothes, outfits, or jumpers for something else amongst friends, family, or colleagues.

-If you’d like to access a wider pool of clothing, consider running an exchange in your community, school, or neighbourhood over a nice picnic or meetup.

-Pass on outgrown jumpers to friends or family.

-Donate your clothes to a recycling bank that will pass on your clothes to someone who really needs them instead of the landfill.

-Consider renting an outfit for the day instead.

-Thrift or shop pre-loved, especially from small businesses and eco-friendly labels.

You could apply some of these practical tips to jewellery as well.

Remember to keep yourselves warm, not the planet!


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