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Paper-Free Isn’t Enough: The Keys To Sustainable Web Design For Every Business

Online banking, e-statements, apps replacing paper documents—the world is moving online. One major push to digital has come from those concerned about finite resource depletion: If we use less paper, fewer trees need to be cut down. However, the footprint of our digital shift is, frankly, huge. Tom Greenwood, cofounder of U.K.’s Wholegrain Digital web design agency, shares that if the internet were an actual country, it would be the sixth-largest polluting country in the world.

Greenwood and his team at the Certified B Corporation have not only developed a mission to assist clients build sustainable sites, but also to take steps in creating an internet that is good for both people and planet. “Sustainable web design is an approach to designing web services that prioritizes the health of our home planet; at its core is a focus on reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption,” said Greenwood. “Business, design, and technology can be part of the solution, but only if environmental protection is at the core of key decisions and not an afterthought.”

In his new book, Sustainable Web Design, Greenwood discusses the topic more in-depth and explores how brands, businesses, and corporations can take steps to mitigate the trend.

Original source: Forbes


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