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We understand the power and influence of membership organisations on the industries and professions that their members represent. CAFA brings associations together to tackle the global climate emergency, faster.


The influence membership organisations have on their sectors, professions, communities and stakeholder groups cannot be underestimated or overlooked as a key driver of change.


Membership organisations are a conduit for addressing climate change via whole sectors and professions, rather than targeting individual organisations separately.


A "whole-of-sector" and "joined-up systems" approach gets us to net zero faster.


In the run up to and post COP26, CAFA calls on all membership organisations, large and small, to harness their influence, authority, credibility and independence, take a stand and commit to drive climate leadership both internally and across the industries and sectors they represent.


CAFA's mission is to harness the collective power and influence of whole sectors, systems and professions to support a sustainable economy.

  • In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, increase climate and sustainability leadership and drive change using the collective power and influence of professional and trade associations, membership organisations, business networks, societies, clubs and peak umbrella bodies.

  • Empower and increase the confidence of the association sector to address climate action.

  • Demonstrate that climate action is about building resilience, an opportunity for growth and sustainability, cost savings and new revenue generation.

  • Ensure that climate action and sustainable practices become a standard part of all membership organisation's internal and external member value proposition and engagement strategy.


We will help all membership organisations to:

  • Implement climate action and sustainability programmes internally.

  • Deliver climate action and sustainability support to members.


We will:


  • Identify, curate, develop and deliver tailored practical guidance and solutions to accelerate change both internally and to support the sectors/professions you represent.

  • Create a safe place where membership organisations of all sizes and sectors can convene and learn from others.

  • Be the platform for associations to share  progress and experiences to inspire and educate others.

  • Join-up work across sectors and professions to identify opportunity, encourage collaboration and innovation between associations.

  • Continually monitor and benchmark the progress and impact the climate and sustainability work associations are doing.



CAFA has been established as a not-for-profit. All income generated from subscriptions, partnerships and sustainability services will be reinvested back into CAFA to deliver on our mission.

At the Office

We are a blend of membership association experts, media professionals, climate and sustainability specialists coming together because we understand the need for urgent climate action.


We know that by harnessing the collective power of industry and professional membership organisations we'll get there faster!

CAFA was founded by b2b, the membership experts who have worked in the membership and third sector globally for more than 20 years. b2b has successfully run climate action and sustainability programs, research, content and campaigns for multiple membership organisations and NGOs, including The Climate Group and The Carbon Trust.


The team at b2b are the secretariat behind CAFA.

We know that the world needs to work together if we are to reach global net zero targets. This means working in new and interconnected ways.


We are helping sectors, industries, competitors and professions to join-up thinking and collaborate in new ways for the benefit of business, the planet and society.

CAFA's partners bring skills, expertise, investment and solutions to enable us to provide you with what you need to accelerate change.

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