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The collective power of membership organisations cannot be underestimated. We believe that by working together we can achieve more, faster.

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We see a world where professional and trade membership associations all over the world work collectively to address the climate emergency and drive faster, efficient climate action for and on behalf of the industries, professions and communities they represent.

The CAFA Climate Commitment is a call to all trade and professional membership associations, institutes and societies to do their part to build a low carbon sustainable planet for the benefit of people, business, the economy and society.

​Commit and join the CAFA Collective today.


Every membership organisation is at a different stage of its climate change journey and so requires a different level of information and support.


CAFA provides a variety of exclusive resources and a network of like-minded associations specifically designed to help you (and help you help your members) take more powerful action against climate change and accelerate towards net zero.


Your Voice: Show Commitment & Demonstrate You Are Tackling Climate Leadership

Show your members, business, industry and wider public that your association is taking proactive climate leadership and contributing to driving change.

  • Pledge your commitment to the collective power and influence of associations.

  • Demonstrate that you are driving stronger climate leadership across the industry or profession you represent.

  • Commit to start or continue to get 'your own internal house in order' and be the climate leaders your members expect you to be.

  • Use the CAFA Collective to convene and learn from other associations.

  • Use the CAFA Collective platform and events to show the progress you have made, the targets you have set and the opportunities you harness.

  • Use the CAFA logo on your website and in your materials to demonstrate that you have made the pledge and are driving the agenda for your organisation, for your employees, board and critically for your membership and wider industry/profession.

  • Have your organisation's logo showcased on the CAFA Collective website.

  • Access the downloadable CAFA Climate Commitment Template for you to tailor and use as a tool to communicate with stakeholders.


Your Climate Action Plan

The CAFA Climate Action Plan has been specifically developed for membership organisations to tailor internally. The plan outlines the key steps to take and the considerations you need to make to accelerate towards net zero and includes:

  • Strategy alignment and pledge.

  • Understand emissions baseline.

  • Target setting.

  • Practical action.

  • Measurement.

  • Reporting.

  • Demonstrate & implement sectoral leadership.

The CAFA Climate Action Plan will evolve as your needs change. We rely on your feedback to ensure the Plan stays relevant and provides you with what you need to practically implement change.


CAFA Carbon Calculator

Developed specifically for membership organisations, the beta version of the CAFA Carbon Calculator has been designed to:

  • Help you benchmark and set your baseline of your organisation's current carbon emissions.

  • Measure your progress and capture the reductions of your organisation's carbon emissions over time.

  • Provide you with the information you need to report to board and key stakeholders.

  • Provide your internal teams e.g. your FM, Operations, Finance departments and wider employees with the information they need.

The CAFA Carbon Calculator is a simple and convenient tool for converting your association's activities and forms of consumption into unit amounts of carbon dioxide. It is the key tool for benchmarking and measuring carbon usage and reduction.

We've also prepared a guide on 'How To Use The CAFA Calculator'.


Tools and Resources

Discover our evolving range of practical resources designed to:

  • Combat climate change internally within your organisation.

  • Engage with and support your membership's efforts to address the climate emergency.

These bite-sized, practical and user friendly resources include: guidance, checklists and template policies, specifically tailored for the membership sector.


We will also provide associations with toolkits and templates which you can issue and tailor to your membership's needs and requirements. Information will be added to and updated regularly.


Network, Share & Learn From Others

Reducing our climate impact is a collective effort, one where partnerships, collaborations, a shared vision and learning is an opportunity, not a competition.


The CAFA Collective is where membership organisations come together to share and discuss their climate change journey, and learn from the experience of other associations and draw on the skills of experts.


Sharing of learning and experience creates a connected community and provides a rich source of information, which will accelerate change across professions and sectors.

  • Tune in to or take part in a range of events. Events are structured to discuss issues and share practical steps and case studies.

  • Opportunity to showcase your association's key learnings and actions via mini case studies which will be housed on the CAFA website.

  • Receive updates and newsletters to stay informed on the latest CAFA news.

  • Take part in CAFA benchmarking research and be the first to read and access the insights gathered.


Additional Tailored Support

Our membership experts and climate/net zero specialists can work with you to: customise your climate action plans, develop net zero web hubs, curate content, undertake carbon foot printing services, run stakeholder engagement campaigns and tailor resources and learning to drive value to your community.

Click here for more information about tailored support for your members or email for further information.


Our mission is to continually evolve our platform and resources.

As a not-for-profit organisation, the income we generate is reinvested back into CAFA to continue to develop and deliver the support you need.


0-10 employees: £150.00+VAT per year.

11-50 employees: £250.00+VAT per year.

51-250 employees: £350.00+VAT per year.

Solidarity Partner: £1,750.00+VAT per year.


Want to pay in a different currency?

No problem. Contact who will manually process your membership in your local currency.  

We recognise that the sustainability needs of larger membership organisations may be different to those of smaller. We also know that being part of the CAFA Collective, having a voice and demonstrating leadership across your sector and/or profession in the race to zero is important to all.

CAFA's highest subscription level is Solidarity Partner - this is applicable to membership organisations, both in terms of size and turnover, that want to and that can afford to commit more resources to support CAFA's mission.

Income from Solidarity Partners will help us run research, innovate and support a range of smaller associations who may not be able to access CAFA's resources.

Solidarity Partner subscription includes standard access to CAFA Collective resources for a commitment of £1,750 per year.


Step 1: Register as a user on the CAFA website.

Step 2: Once registered, you will be directed to the Join the CAFA Collective page.

Step 3: Select the appropriate plan according to your organisation size and make payment by card online.


Manual invoicing and multi-currency payment options are available.


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