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The collective power of membership organisations cannot be underestimated. We believe that by working together we can get to net zero, faster.

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We see a world where membership organisations and trade associations collectively address the climate emergency and drive faster, efficient climate action for and on behalf of the industries, sectors, professions and communities they represent.


CAFA calls on all membership organisations to take proactive climate action and commit to net zero.

Join the CAFA Collective today.


Every membership organisation is at a different stage of its net zero journey.


CAFA provides the information, guidance, solutions, events and peer to peer engagement that membership organisations need to:

1. Take climate action internally.

2. Support your members to reduce their emissions and transition to net zero.


Demonstrate Commitment & Receive Recognition

By joining the CAFA Collective you are demonstrating your organisations commitment to tackling the climate crisis.

Show Climate Leadership: Being part of CAFA enables you to drive stronger climate leadership across the industry or profession you represent.



We will announce your organisations commitment.


Use of Logo


The CAFA logo can be used on your website and in your materials to demonstrate to your employees, board, partners and suppliers and critically for your membership that your organisation is committed.

Commitment Certificate


Members receive a CAFA Collective Net Zero Commitment Certificate to use as a tool to communicate your net zero intention internally, with members and with key stakeholders.


Peer to Peer: Network, Learn & Share 

CAFA’s growing collective of membership organisations is a powerful network to learn from, collaborate and share with one another.

Our CAFA Monthly Virtual Member Meet-Ups facilitate peer to peer engagement, discussions and learning.


Members showcase progress made and the approach that they are taking, discuss their plans and targets, share the challenges they are facing and identify opportunities to change and collaborate.


Working Groups

Our working groups are focused on the most challenging and highest impact areas for membership organisations. 


Climate Policy: How to overcome challenges and implement pro-climate action policies


Sustainable Events: One of the highest emitting areas for membership bodies, our sustainable events working group looks at how events professionals can plan and implement sustainable events strategies.

Net Zero Publishing (including print): We explore how to plan and implement green publishing strategies.

Net Zero Business: How to roll out sustainability and climate action support to your members.


Net Zero Association: How to develop and implement your membership organisations climate action plan and strategy.

We encourage different departments/individuals from our member organisations to engage with us on the area of business that is most relevant to them.


Tools and Resources

Discover our evolving range of practical resources designed to both:

  • Reduce your emissions internally and become net zero internally.

  • Engage with and support your members on their net zero journey.

Our bite-sized, practical and user friendly resources include: guidance, checklists and template policies, action plan specifically tailored for the membership sector.


Our toolkits and templates can be implemented by you to reduce your emissions.


CAFA membership helps you to respond to your members climate action and net zero needs.


Progress Support

CAFA Member Check-Ins. Being part of CAFA is a proactive experience and we want our members to engage with us, take action, be part of our events and use our resources.


We want to capture your feedback as your and your members net zero journey progresses so we can serve up the resources that you need the most.


Our regular 1-2-1 check in’s with CAFA members are designed for you to share your progress and challenges so we can help you every step of the way.

CAFA curates the progress of its members and benchmarks this against the membership sector more widely to ensure we provide the right support.



Our members are invited to take part in our events. Usually revolving around local or regional climate weeks around the world. We invite CAFA members to attend, and often speak at events during London Climate Action Week, Climate Week NYC, Africa Climate Week, COP’s.


We also invite senior leaders from membership organisations to have a critical conversations. These recorded interviews are available on demand are a great opportunity for membership organisations to showcase climate leadership and learn from others.



CAFA insights provide the opportunity to learn and share with others. Read case studies and showcase your association's actions, progress and commitments.


Receive updates and newsletters to stay informed on the latest CAFA news.


Research & Benchmarking

Our surveys track the commitments and progress of CAFA members and benchmarks this against the membership sector so you know if your commitments and actions line up with your peers. 


CAFA subscription is based on the size of your membership organisation.

Want to pay for your membership in your local currency? Contact Us.  

As a not-for-profit organisation, the income we generate is reinvested back into delivering our mission


 Step 1: Register as a user.

Step 2: Once registered, you will be directed to our Join Us page.

Step 3: Select the appropriate plan according to your organisation size and make payment.


Manual invoicing payments available. Contact Us.


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