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Understanding and Communicating Climate Change for Senior Leaders
  • Understanding and Communicating Climate Change for Senior Leaders

    Excluding VAT

    Understand the science behind climate change, what it means for the future and how as a leader you can engage key stakeholders on the issue.


    Created by the Royal Meteorological Society.


    Date: 14th Febraury 2023

    Time: 9:30-13:30 BST

    Location: Live Virtual Classroom 

    Price: £230+VAT CAFA Collective Members / £285+VAT non members

    • Course Overview

      Associations have a considerable role to play in driving climate leadership and supporting industry sectors to respond to the challenges we face. Despite growing awareness, misinformation about climate change is still widely reported. Grounding your communications in science is one of the best ways to tackle misinformation, while also ensuring that you deliver credible and engaging content to support your membership and wider audience.  

      This half-day course, delivered by the Royal Meteorological Society, is designed to empower leaders of associations by providing fundamental knowledge about climate change and sharing best practice for engaging your membership.  

    • Objectives

      The aim of this course is to:

      Empower senior leaders and trustees to make strategic decisions by sharing information about climate change and the impacts of this now and in the future.

      Share the science behind climate change, explaining why our climate is changing and exploring the impacts of climate change.

      Share the current climate policy context for the UK and globally.

      Explore climate change across different sectors and net zero pathways.  

      How you can start to embed climate change across your organisation to engage with your stakeholders and audiences.

    • Is this course right for me?

      This course would benefit senior leaders or trustees of organisations who are keen to address climate change and engage their key stakeholders and wider audiences.

    • I want to put my team on this course

      If you have a team of 10 or more, you may benefit from a dedicated training session, allowing you to focus on specific areas relevant to your organisation. While the core content of the course would remain, we are able to tailor elements of the training, for example by focusing on specific industries or impacts.

      To find our more, please contact Ella Clarke, Head of Partnerships at the Royal Meteorological Society (

    • Key Benefits

      By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

      Understand the science of climate change and its impacts.

      Answer questions about climate change and feel confident engaging your key stakeholders/audience in the topic.

      Feel more confident in leading your organisation’s approach to communicating about climate change.

    • Course/Training Structure

      Climate change – the facts and evidence

      Helping you to understand the science behind climate change, the connection between climate and weather, how our climate has changed so far, and how we use climate models.

      What does the future hold?

      We will share knowledge about how the impacts of climate change could affect us in the future, update on current global and domestic climate policy, and UK sector pathways to net zero.

      Communicating climate change

      We’ll review some of the most common misinformation narratives and provide guidance on where to find reliable and up to date information. You will benefit from exploring how to communicate climate change effectively to your particular audience.  

    • Who will be delivering this course

      Professor Liz Bentley

      Liz Bentley is Chief Executive of the Royal Meteorological Society. Her career in meteorology spans over 25 years as a research scientist, forecaster, trainer, manager, and communications professional. Liz has worked at the Met Office, BBC, and Government before joining the Royal Meteorological Society in 2008 as Head of Communications and, more recently, as Chief Executive. Liz is a regular contributor to the major broadcasters, delivering over 150 media interviews each year, providing explanations and information about weather and climate.

      Hannah Mallinson

      Hannah Mallinson is the Science Engagement Manager at the Royal Meteorological Society. Hannah joined the Society in early 2020 and is responsible for informal education activities and giving scientific support to her colleagues involved in publishing, events, and communications. Before this, Hannah worked at Fugro as a Marine Weather Forecaster for four years after completing her Masters in Applied Meteorology at the University of Reading.

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