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Our certified emissions measurement, reporting & reduction programme, has been developed specifically for  membership organisations.

We'll take your membership organisation on a programme of emissions calculation, reporting, action planning & target setting. We will also identify cost savings for you along the way.

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CAFA Certified Net Zero Association Programme includes:
  • Dedicated climate consultant – Carbon Buddy

  • Baseline year footprint calculation 

  • Ongoing Scope 1, 2 and Scope 3 areas emissions calculations

  • Reduction and transition planning

  • Target setting 

  • Policy setting, support and templates

  • Supplier/supply chain engagement

  • Resources and templates

  • Quarterly progress updates 

  • Annual compliant reporting and comparisons

  • Internal workshop and presentation of plans

  • Verified offsetting guidance (if required)

  • Alternative supplier options & procurement support

  • Certification

By working with CAFA, on our Net Zero journey, we're demonstrating that we are taking our impact and responsibility seriously and leading our members by example"

Thomas Marks, CEO AEMT

Our tailored programme saves you time, money & resource.

Data Collection

We identify and collect relevant emissions data and information. We take a step by step approach and start by collecting your Scope 1, 2 and gradually pull in Scope 3 data over time.  

Report Creation

We provide you a GHG, SECR and ISO Net Zero Guidelines compliant report that shows your organisations CO2e emissions, outlines actions taken, and progress made so you can effectively communicate progress.

Additional  Resources

We provide simple templates and resources to help you to take action and are on hand to help answer the questions you may have.

Emissions Calculation

We measure and calculate your footprint. We establish your initial baseline and then continue to measure and compare your data.

Action Plans

It is essential to have a plan for reducing emissions, so we work with you to create and implement a plan of action, interim targets, and timeline that aligns with your business strategy and emissions report. 


We help you to report and communicate your position with your board, staff, suppliers, partners and members. We present reports and run engagement workshops with your key stakeholders.

  • How much does it cost?
    Our pricing is simple and affordable, based on your association's size and buildings occupied: Micro (1-10 employees): £3,080.70 Small (11-50 employees): £4,500 Medium (51-250 employees): £6,970 Large (251+ employees/multi-site): Price on Application (POA) Payment options include annual, quarterly, or monthly direct debit, starting as low as £250 per month. All prices are exclusive of VAT, which is not applicable for associations outside the UK.
  • Why Choose CAFA’s Programme?
    Our programme stands out because of our unparalleled expertise in membership organisations and environmental sustainability. Here’s why we’re the best choice: 1. Best Practice Framework: Our service is built on CAFA’s robust Best Practice principles for sustainability and net zero, developed from decades of experience and aligned with ISO Net Zero Guidelines. 2. Credible Science: Our Certified Net Zero Programme adheres to GHG protocols, Science-Based Targets, and SECR. We stay updated on the latest requirements and legislation to ensure our approach is always current and effective. 3. Tailored Solutions: Unlike generic services, our solutions are specifically designed for professional bodies, trade associations, and industry groups. We customize resources to meet the unique challenges and needs of these organizations. 4. Cross-Industry Insight: Working with various associations, we share common practices, insights, and solutions across sectors. This helps us address nuances competitors might miss and leads the decarbonization of the membership sector. 5. Comprehensive Support: From initial assessment to ongoing monitoring, our end-to-end approach ensures continuous support with access to workshops, tools, and resources. 6. Supplier Insight: Our extensive work across the membership sector gives us insight into suppliers’ operations and emissions, enabling accurate reporting and activity tracking. 7. Proven Track Record: We have a history of measurable results and positive feedback from institutes, societies, and trade associations, demonstrating our ability to accelerate support and impact the membership sector holistically.
  • What is Net Zero?
    Net zero means cutting carbon emissions to a small amount of residual emissions that can be absorbed and durably stored by nature and other carbon dioxide removal measures, leaving zero in the atmosphere. In order to avert the worst impacts of climate change and preserve a livable planet, global temperature increase need to be limited to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. Emissions are continuing to rise and the impacts are increasingly devastating. Therefore, to keep global warming to no more than 1.5°C – as called for in the Paris Agreement – emissions must be reduced by 45% by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050.
  • Why Should Your Association Focus on Net Zero?
    As major contributors to emissions, businesses and industries must lead the way to net zero. Your association plays a vital role in this effort. By adopting net zero practices, measuring emissions, and implementing credible plans, you demonstrate true industry leadership and responsibility. Prioritising net zero meets the growing expectations of members, suppliers, partners, and regulators. This commitment enhances your reputation, attracts new members, and keeps you ahead of regulations. Reducing emissions also leads to cost savings and operational efficiencies, boosting your bottom line and allowing reinvestment into your mission. By influencing and supporting your members in their net zero strategies, your association can significantly impact climate action. CAFA’s Certified Net Zero Programme helps facilitate these efforts and can be extended to support your members. Focusing on net zero ensures your association leads by example, meets expectations, improves efficiency, and maximises its impact on climate action.
  • Who else is on the programme?
    CAFA’s Certified Net Zero Programme is open to any type of membership organisation regardless of its size, location or member representation. Our focus is on supporting membership organisation and their members to become sustainable and reduce their environmental impact whilst boosting their purpose. We support trade associations with 3 staff and 150 industry members to professional institutes and federations with 250+ staff and hundreds of thousands of members. We understand that all membership organisations, regardless of size or sector have an opportunity to make a difference and shift the dial and we have developed the support that any type of membership organisation needs to take proactive climate leadership and action towards net zero.
  • What Exactly Is Included ?
    Included in the CAFA service are the following benefits: · Dedicated climate consultant – Carbon Buddy · Baseline year footprint calculation · Ongoing Scope 1, 2 and Scope 3 areas emissions calculations · Reduction and transition planning · Target setting · Policy setting, support and templates · Supplier/supply chain engagement · Resources and templates · Quarterly progress updates · Annual compliant reporting and comparisons · Internal workshop and presentation of plans · Verified offsetting guidance (if required) · Alternative supplier options & procurement support · Certification
  • What is CAFA’s relationship with the UN back Race to Zero?
    As an official Accelerator of the UN Race to Zero campaign, when your organisation commits to net zero with CAFA, it receives automatic acknowledgment from the UN. This provides a global platform for your business to join a recognised effort in addressing climate change through net-zero commitments.
  • How Hard Is It to Reach Net Zero?
    Achieving net zero requires measuring all carbon emissions associated with your activities (scopes 1, 2, and 3) and reducing them by at least 90% by 2050, with a 45-50% reduction by 2030. It can be complex, and say its a multi-year journey, a gradual walk rather a run as the biggest challenge and opportunity is collaborating with your staff, suppliers, partners and members to collectively reduce mutual carbon emissions. As part of our Certified Net Zero Programme CAFA works with you to engage, collaborate and collect the information you need over time.
  • Can members of our organization sign up for CAFA’s Certified Net Zero Programme?
    Absolutely! There are two main ways: Integrated Approach: As part of your own Certified Net Zero Programme with CAFA, we assist in communicating your emissions report and action plan to members. This can include presenting your progress at board, council, or committee meetings, as well as speaking at AGMs and conferences. This ensures your communications and stakeholder engagement efforts reach your members. Structured Partnership: CAFA can partner with your membership organization to offer a tailored net zero programme for your sector or profession, potentially with member discounts or referrals. This method provides a credible and robust way to set standards, embed a common approach, and collectively support and benchmark your members' net zero progress.
  • What is CAFA’s relationship with the International Standards Organisation (ISO) and the British Standards Institute?
    CAFA sits on the ISO Net Zero Standards strategy committee XXXX as an advocate for and voice of the membership sector. An addition, ISO publish Net Zero Guidelines which are the most robust, credible framework to reach net zero. CAFA was excited to an early adopter of the ISO Net Zero Guidelines, and more recently an ISO Net Zero Guidelines case study. The case study focuses on how CAFA has used the ISO Net Zero Guidelines as a foundation for CAFA’s 6 principles and Best Practice Framework for the membership sector. CAFA also evolved its Certified Net Zero Association Programme off the back of ISO’s Net Zero Guidelines to ensure that our programme includes more structured leadership, the setting of policies, the setting of credible interim net zero targets, and developing robust plans with/for membership organisations to achieve them. CAFA is committed to adopting best practices and working closely with the UN, other leading NGO’s, standard setters and policymakers, to ensure we stay on top of changes, innovations, industry requirements and evolving best practices.

How  much does it cost?

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