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We've partnered with Save Today, Play Tomorrow, to equip sports clubs with the knowledge to take away the burden of measuring your footprint and helping you on your journey to net zero.

Let us support you at every stage of your sports clubs' emissions reduction journey. Whether it's our grass roots solutions or Certified Programme of Support, we've got you covered.

We understand how busy you are, but we understand how important it is ti take action, whilst also identifying opportunities for growth & cost savings along the way. 

Carbon Reduction Training for Grass Roots Sports Clubs

What is included?:

Not sure where to start? CAFA's tailored online training session for clubs and sports associations will help you to measure and reduce your footprint and operate sustainably.

To book training for individuals and teams working in clubs, please complete the form below.

Starting your net zero journey

Reducing your emissions is the main way to ensure your club is sustainable. We've listed the below steps that any club can take to start your journey to net zero. 

It's crucial for everyone in the club to agree on sustainability and commit to starting the journey to net zero. This way, we're all on the same page, knowing that cutting emissions requires teamwork from across the club.

Gather data on your club's emissions, known as 'baselining.' This helps you see where you're at, so you can cut costs and carbon. Depending on your club's size and type, gather info on facilities, vehicles, energy use, waste, travel, suppliers, and purchases.

After identifying emissions, create a plan, take action to reduce your footprint and report progress to staff, members, players, board, committees, supporters and your wider community.

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How we can help

Let CAFA take the pressure off your club by collecting and reporting your data for you. We blend
your current carbon footprint data with information about your club's operations and plans to set carbon
reduction targets and timeline.

A carbon buddy can collect your information quarterly to measure and monitor your emissions and track your progress.


A curated series of workshops and support designed to help you measure your emissions, set targets and put plans in place to operate sustainably.


​​Starting from

£100+VAT per month


Your carbon buddy will work with you to measure and report your clubs footprint. You will receive a personalised reduction plan of action and the key steps to take to reach interim and long term net zero targets.

​​Starting from

£2000+VAT per year


Enhance efficiency, cut costs, and succeed. We secure low prices, benchmark bills, optimise IT and telecoms, and offer expert advice for your club. Save time, money, stay compliant, and go planet-friendly.



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