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2022 Fuel Crisis Report

"The current cost of living crisis means many people are feeling the squeeze and wondering how they will pay their ever-increasing energy bills.

In December 2021, we saw the highest level of demand since Fuel Bank was launched six years ago. In addition, our client base is expanding in both depth and breadth; existing clients need more help and we’re also seeing lots of new clients who have never previously experienced fuel poverty.

With average prepayment charges increasing by more than £700 in April, following the changes to the energy price cap, the number of households in fuel poverty is expected to exceed six million.

To find out how the rise in the cost of living is impacting our clients, both physically and mentally, we surveyed people across Britain, all of whom had accessed Fuel Bank services in the past year. "

The Fuel Bank Foundation has now launched their findings for their 2022 Fuel crisis report. You can download a copy at

Original Source: The Fuel Bank Foundation


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