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CAFA Recognised in ISO’s Net Zero Case Study Report

Updated: Jul 3

We are thrilled to share that Climate Action for Associations (CAFA) has been featured in the ISO’s Net Zero Case Study report. This recognition highlights our commitment to sustainable practices and our alignment with the ISO Net Zero Guidelines, alongside other pioneering organisations.

“It’s easy to feel like you’re doing the wrong thing since it often feels like there’s no clear definition or example of what the right thing is! The form, structure, common language, and accessibility of the Guidelines have been so helpful in taking action. This process has given us an unparalleled confidence boost that has translated to our membership and enabled them to make credible progress towards net zero too.” said Alison Heppenstall, Founder and Executive Director at CAFA.

Our Commitment to Addressing Climate Change

At CAFA, we recognise the urgency of addressing climate change. We are proud to have made significant strides in our sustainability strategy by adhering to key principles outlined in the ISO Net Zero Guidelines.

Three principles have been particularly instrumental in guiding our journey.

1.     Setting Interim Targets:

Setting interim targets is crucial for tracking progress towards net zero. By setting these milestones, organisations can measure advancements, ensure accountability, and make necessary adjustments to their strategies.

2.     External Affairs and Policy Alignment:

The report also places a specific focus on our work in external affairs and policy alignment, reflecting our proactive engagement with external stakeholders and our advocacy for sustainable policies. Ensuring coherence between policies and actions is vital for organisational leadership to prevent conflicting targets that could undermine sustainability efforts.

3.     Mitigating Scope 3 Emissions:

We are intensifying efforts to mitigate Scope 3 emissions through innovative product development, lifecycle emission reduction, circular economy adoption, and more. By leading in sustainability, we set standards for our members and beyond, aligning with global goals and enhancing our reputation. We are committed to fostering collaboration and sustainability throughout our supply chain, encouraging sustainable practices among our partners to drive positive change across the entire industry.

Our dedication to these principles reflects our holistic approach to sustainability, ensuring that we not only reduce our own carbon footprint but also drive positive change throughout our industry. We are excited about the progress we've made and the recognition from the ISO’s Net Zero Case Study report. However, we know there is still much work to be done. We invite you to join us on our journey towards a more sustainable future.

To understand more about the development of the ISO Net Zero Guidelines and how this can support your organisation’s net zero journey - Read more here.


At CAFA, we empower associations to lead by providing essential guidance and support, including assistance with emissions reporting. Through promoting community learning, we enable them to fulfil their sustainability commitments effectively.

Learn more about CAFA and our initiatives here.






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