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CAFA's Viewpoint on IPCC - Mitigation of Climate Change

The IPCC 2022 report on 'Mitigation of Climate Change', drills down into what we can do to limit and prevent human-caused emissions that cause global warming. This stark assessment is the first in-depth IPCC report about how our behaviours and choices as people contribute to climate change mitigation.

The report clearly shows how the decisions we make today and in the near future, shape our planets future. It also indicates that emissions from all aspects of society e.g. how we chose to travel, how we use energy to power our homes and workplace, the decisions we make about what we eat, how we consume and how we plan and build our places, towns and cities including the materials we use.

With a focus on culture and lifestyle in addition to work, behaviours and consumption such as opportunities to better manage the land we live on and the world we live in, it’s clear that people are 100% part of the solution of removing carbon from the atmosphere. It is critical that all aspects of society work together to be more efficient, sustainable, and reduce emissions.

A key role of associations is climate leadership and driving climate mitigation is front and centre to this.

Whether developing effective policies, advocating, increasing skills and convening industries across borders, associations have the enormous opportunity to innovate, set the rules, influence change, shift behaviours and systems. The latest IPCC report identifies clear areas that associations can take to build a sustainable future for all.

Read the summary for Policy makers below:


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