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Climate Action for Associations Announces Partnership with Trade Association Forum

Climate Action for Associations (CAFA) is proud to announce our partnership with the Trade Association Forum.

We are delighted that TAF are committed to leading by example and are starting by assessing their own environmental impact of their Best Practice Exchange conference. TAF will use the findings to guide their efforts in reducing their carbon footprint next year.

Together, we are launching a comprehensive program of work aimed at helping associations understand and address their environmental impact. Our goal is to foster discussions, share best practices, and develop strategies for reaching net-zero emissions across all sectors.

Through this new partnership and collaboration, we aim to support TAF’s journey towards net zero and provide guidance on sustainable practices for associations.

Alison Heppenstall, CEO, CAFA says “The role of trade associations in the climate race is unique and CAFA cannot think of a stronger partner to collaborate with than Trade Association Forum at this crucial time.’’

“We are determined to play our part too, which is why we are benchmarking the environmental impact of today's event so we can look at how we can reduce our impact next year” says Emily Wallace, TAF CEO

Together, we can make a significant impact and drive positive change in the pursuit of a sustainable future.


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