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Climate Action for Associations awards Adande Refrigeration with Certified Carbon Neutral Status

CAFA has worked with Adande, a member organisation of the Foodservice Equipment Association (FEA), to measure, report and put credible plans in place. The offsetting of Adande’s emissions during 2022 is a key step for the Refrigeration company, who are adding in many more measures to reduce their emissions over the coming years.

Adande's Managing Director, Karl Hodgson said ‘We are absolutely thrilled to be receive certified carbon neutral status for 2022.

Adande has always been committed to producing sustainable refrigeration, it’s in our DNA – ensuring our products are as energy efficient as possible, and by holding-the-cold better than anyone else, enabling the reduction of food waste, whilst maintaining food quality. This has been evidenced most recently by our BORA open display multideck. Now, our company journey to net zero is also well underway as we look at all our processes and improve practises throughout our organisation.

We have worked with CAFA to create a robust plan, establish carbon reduction targets and acknowledge that carbon neutrality is an important first step on the path we need to follow.

In a wider context, however, the announcement today is great news for hospitality operators who care about sustainability across their own organisations and are looking to improve the sustainability status of their own supply chains. Adande Refrigeration can help them in turn reduce their carbon footprints by selecting us as an equipment partner”

Ali Heppenstall, Executive Director of CAFA said -

“Reaching net zero requires a long-term commitment. Adande is a member of FEA who are part of the CAFA Collective of associations committed to net zero. CAFA is working with FEA to roll out a programme of carbon measurement, reporting and net zero pathway support to its members.

What is particularly exciting is that Adande recognises its role within the foodservice equipment value chain. By mapping its emissions reduction strategy and operating sustainability it knows that by default it will be helping (i.e. making it easier) for other organisations across the industry to measure and report on their emissions too.

Our support to Adande is a genuine example of the impact CAFA is having across business and industry. Adande’s commitment to reduce its emissions and operate sustainably is a fantastic example of climate leadership within the sector.

We look forward to continuing our work to with Adande, FEA and other FEA members.


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