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"The negotiations on fossil fuels didn’t have the precise outcome we all had hoped for, but for the first time there is global agreement to transition away from all fossil fuels in line with the science.

Said Climate Action for Associations (CAFA). CEO Alison Heppenstall -

The seeds that have been planted at COP28 will be seen by future generations as the beginning of the end of the fossil fuel era. The groundswell of effort, tireless commitment by so many at COP this year, saw the outcome of tripling of renewable capacity and doubling of energy efficiency.

The vast majority of countries were supportive of ambitious language on the phase out of fossil fuels, and even without explicit agreement to "phase out", we are counting on these countries to commit to action and to turn statements into policies and implementation of plans.

CAFA came to COP28 to raise awareness of the crucial and influential role that the membership sector plays in industry and business transition. With focus on systems, business and industry transition, now its time to for the membership sector to put member engagement transition plans into action.

Climate Action for Associations is leading the Global Membership Sector Climate Commitment campaign to mobilise trade associations and professional bodies to take bold climate leadership and the decisive action required to support the industries and professions that they represent.

While recognising that some membership organisations have made progress over recent years, the majority of membership organisations still have yet to start. Highlighting the urgent need for membership organisations to put 1.5o aligned plans, skills, actions and policies into place.

See CAFA's 6 principles underlying the Global Membership Sector Climate Commitment here.

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