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COP26 Latest News

Historic moment as COP26 agreement adopted!

After days of difficult and lengthy negotiations, the COP26 agreement has finally been adopted. A day later than scheduled, the announcement brings to a close what is widely seen as the most crucial climate summit of our time. The final text includes key language on ‘phasing down’ fossil fuels. This is less ambitious than an earlier draft which called for ‘phasing out’ but still an historic first to include in an agreement. Another notable inclusion is the request that nations should return in 2022 with more ambitious pledges for emissions cuts by 2030. But developing countries are unhappy that the text contains little on compensation from wealthy nations for loss and damage due to climate change. While many experts and leaders welcomed the progress made with this agreement, they lamented the last-minute scaling back of ambitions on coal. Countries must now take the actions that they have promised, and in particular increase the flow of financial support to developing countries. Commenting on the development, CEO of CAFA Alison Heppenstall said: "While the last-gasp change on coal is disappointing we should recognise the progress that this deal represents. It wasn’t easy to reach and the text on fossil fuels, though watered down, is still significant. But the success of COP26 must be measured by the change it inspires in communities. Governments may need an extra year to strengthen their emissions targets but as associations, we know our time to act is now. In the UK alone, around 80% of people belong to a membership group. The positive influence we can bring to the race to zero is enormous. CAFA will support associations around the world play their full role as champions of climate action."


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