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COP28 Considerations for the Membership Sector

CAFA reflects on the outcomes of COP28 and what the commitments mean for membership sector.

“The beginning of the end for the fossil fuel era”

COP28 finally advanced commitments to a swift, just and equitable transition. This is underpinned by emissions cuts and scaled-up finance.

How can your membership organisation contribute to the adoption of, scaling up on clean energy solutions from a demand or lobbying perspective?

Loss & Damage Fund

The new loss and damage fund for the most vulnerable communities impacted by catastrophic climate events was finally operationalised on day 1 of COP.

Do you or your members have presence in vulnerable countries? Are you adequately working with communities and parallel bodies on local sustainability priorities? Do you have strong social value policies in place?

Renewable Energy

Call to action at a global scale for the tripling of renewable energy capacity and doubling energy efficient improvements by 2030.

This goal gets right to the heart of what are you doing to transition corporately and how are supporting your members to do the same?
Do you have energy efficiency and climate transition policies in place?

Adaptation Targets

Targets were agreed at country level on the global goal of adaptation and its framework. This will help create a climate resilient future and benchmark countries efforts against it.

How can your membership organisation embed strategies that include nature-based solutions, carbon pricing, indigenous people, and adaptation finance? How do you integrate climate resilience, strategies into your business strategies?

The next few years are crucial for the membership sector.

CAFA continues to ramp up ambition to decarbonise the membership sector. We see a world where membership organisations and trade associations collectively address the climate emergency providing support, embedding skills and putting in place firm, credible policies to drive faster, efficient climate action for and on behalf of the industries, sectors, professions and communities they represent.

"We encourage all membership organisations to take proactive climate action and align your work, policies and member engagement to 1.5o goal as set out in the Paris Agreement. Trade, Industry and Professional Bodies in particular, play a massively influential role in the just transition and delivery of goals. Doing nothing is no longer an option”

Alison Heppenstall,

CEO Climate Action for Associations



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