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COP28 Day 5 Takeaways

Negotiations were in full flow on Day 5 and convened on many issues in informal consultations, with a focus on mitigation and adaptation. The Global Stocktake (GST) met in parties-only informal informals.

On the Global Goal on Adaptation, co-Facilitators said they worked through the night to produce the draft, based on 16 written inputs, totaling 90 pages, to help parties reach common ground during informal consultations.

However, numerous groups and parties expressed serious concerns with the draft. They noted multiple submissions were not reflected, considered the text imbalanced, unacceptable, and unworkable, and asked the Co-Facilitators to “start over.”

Parties reiterated concerns related to either missing or bracketed text on: means of implementation, quantifiable finance targets and accountability mechanisms, and the urgency of enhanced adaptation action and support, and of closing the adaptation gap.

While also expressing concern with the text, some parties were concerned with the remaining time and urged parties to “take the text into our own hands” and discuss informally to find agreement.

The co-Facilitators will produce new text, but warned that this might bring the group farther away from achieving an outcome at COP 28.

Discussions then continued in a CMA contact group. Responding to the US, the Adaptation Fund Secretariat outlined what steps will need to be taken in the eventual transition to the Fund exclusively serving the Paris Agreement, including revising operating policies, guidelines, and strategic priorities, and preparing institutional arrangements with the Global Environment Facility (GEF) for Secretariat services and the World Bank for trustee services. Other points related to: ensuring country ownership in the design of multi-country projects; increasing country caps; and expediting re-accreditations.

Source: IISD ENB


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