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Driving SMEs Towards Net Zero: Insights from Transition Plan Taskforce and B4NZ Whitepaper

Andrew Griffiths, Director of Policy & Partnerships at PlanetMark, shares insights from his participation in the Transition Plan Taskforce (TPT) SME Advisory Group alongside Bankers for Net Zero (B4NZ), aimed at producing a whitepaper focusing on SMEs and their transition plans.

Griffiths highlights the collaborative effort involved in creating the whitepaper, which not only provides an overview of the current net zero landscape for SMEs but also outlines eight key recommendations crucial for their transition.

These recommendations, as outlined in the whitepaper, address various challenges faced by SMEs, such as limited resources and capacity, and propose actionable steps to facilitate their journey towards net zero.

Among these recommendations, Griffiths emphasises the necessity for a market-wide carbon reporting framework tailored for SMEs, active support from governments and financial institutions to help SMEs overcome barriers, standardisation of disclosure requests for carbon data, and alignment of SME reporting with existing corporate models.

By presenting these recommendations, the whitepaper aims to advocate for a more cohesive and supportive ecosystem for SMEs navigating the transition to net zero. Griffiths underscores the importance of consistent support across industries, including banking and financial services, to ensure the success of SMEs in their sustainability efforts.



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