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Drought-hit rivers across the world reveal treasures — and a worrying future

Heat waves and drought are hitting communities across the world, threatening supplies of energy and food while causing rivers from Europe’s Danube to China’s Yangtze to dry up.

In the United States, these receding water levels have exposed human remains and dinosaur tracks. Elsewhere, they have revealed relics that include ancient Buddhist statues, lost villages and sunk Nazi warships.

It’s a phenomenon that experts say should ring alarm bells about climate change.

“It’s heartening that people are starting to take notice,” said Ashish Sharma, professor of hydrology and water resources at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. “People tend to care about floods, but they lose sight of the big elephant in the room."

“If you look at the broad picture, it’s pretty clear that higher temperatures are resulting in lower water flows and disappearing lakes and rivers,” he said.

NBC News looked at some of the historic items revealed by the historic drought and heat.

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Original source: NCB News


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