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IWFM Launch Sustainability Hub

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

IWFM launches Sustainability Hub to help FM and Workplace Professions tackle the global crisis. The institute will continually evolve the hub and curate relevant guidance, insight and inspiration.

Sustainability is the study and effort towards actions focused on environmental protection and improving society.

Global changes are taking place which started with the Industrial Revolution and have been accelerating since the 1950s. These are changes in society and the environment that could change the world forever.

In 2011, Sir John Beddington, Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK government, described the coming together of these global trends as the perfect storm.

“Sustainability is focused on understanding these interconnected ‘megatrends’ and improving the world, either by reversing the trends or mitigating them, so that the ‘storm’ never happens.”

Workplace and facilities management professionals are uniquely placed to make a difference in the sustainability agenda. The lynchpin in organisations, marrying the needs of owners, occupiers and supply chains to create productive and happy workplaces.

In tackling sustainability, the FM and Workplace profession can also help to make the world a better place where our children, grandchildren and their descendants have a world that is fit to live in and natural resources are used sustainably.

Business as usual is no longer an option in FM. This is an opportunity for our profession to raise the bar on current best practice so that it becomes the normal of tomorrow; to show leadership and to unlock each workplace’s sustainability opportunity.

IWFM will continue to expand the hub’s content over the coming weeks, months and years, so please bookmark it and check back regularly.

Source: IWFM


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