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IEMA’s hopes for COP26 as world leaders gather in Glasgow

Heads of state and thousands of diplomats, observers and others are descending on Glasgow for the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). With the eyes of the world on climate action and in particular, climate action in the UK, IEMA considers what a good outcome would be from the international climate summit.

Back in 2019, IEMA declared a climate emergency. We said our declaration “is rooted in the reality of the international science base and in the knowledge that our profession (IEMA members) can make a pivotal contribution towards the rapid transitions now required.” While it is important to recognise the fact that we are in a climate and ecological emergency, recognition is not enough. Action must follow.

It is incumbent on governments, corporations and other bodies which hold the levers of power to shift our global economy to one which doesn’t exceed 1.5 degrees of global heating, as stated in the Paris Agreement. But making this transformation happen will require work and commitment from our whole global community. IEMA members already play a critical role in delivering this transition, but we believe with the right outcomes from COP26, we will be able to achieve our goals in a more timely, fairer and more cost effective way.

IEMA’s key policy positions regarding the outcomes of COP26 are:

  • We want to see climate leadership at all levels

  • Governments must implement the policy frameworks and strategic approaches which are needed to support certainty and give confidence for organisations to invest and transition

  • Recognition, integration and embedding of climate change as a mainstream ‘business’ issue

  • Reporting and disclosure with increasing transparency on climate change performance

IEMA staff will be at COP26, speaking at and chairing events and in the process representing the views of our members on international climate governance and national climate action.

Original Source: IEMA


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