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Juventus today announces its partnership with Pact Capital, a leading company in the carbon solutions sector.

Juventus is aware of its role both in the world of football, as a club, and of the responsibilities and influence of its actions on the environment, as a company. Conscious of this correlation, between corporate and territorial aspects, the club takes on the responsibility to reduce its carbon impact as much as possible.

The first step of this process saw Juventus commit to an understanding of its carbon footprint by collecting, where possible, data and information to provide an increasingly accurate service on the framework of its direct and indirect impacts in relation to its own C02 emissions.

“In the context of the environmental objectives that Juventus has set itself, including counteracting climate change - explains Tiziana Di Gioia, Juventus Chief Commercial Officer - we have found an ideal partner in Pact Capital, to help accomplish the path undertaken over the past seasons to head into the next few years with the complete offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions. This is a partnership that plays a particularly important role, also in light of the recently announced guidelines of the three years plan.”

This collaboration takes on even more importance because it is the first sports partnership for Pact Capital, but above all it is a great step forward in Juventus' environmental project to complete the offsetting of its emissions. Indeed, Pact Capital will join the club's ambition, by ensuring the complete offset of these emissions through carbon credits generated by climate-friendly projects. Specifically, a project to improve cooking practices in Nigeria and another one on renewable energy in Turkey.

Leila Ayman, CEO of Pact Capital comments: “Pact Capital is proud to be partnering with Juventus. We have worked with a number of leading businesses around the world to measure, reduce and offset their carbon impact, but this is a great step towards showing others what can be done. As big fans of the Bianconeri on the pitch, it’s fantastic to work with them to help them become leaders in carbon reduction off it. We see more and more businesses looking to reduce their carbon emissions and this partnership shows them that it is possible.”

Original Source: Juventus


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