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National Do Something Nice Day

Today (October 5th) is National Do Something Nice Day. Starting in 2006, National Nice Day was appointed in recognition of communication efforts by Dr. Mitch Carnell's book 'Say Something Nice'. Although it is not as well known as other national days it is still an all important one.

We at CAFA have some ideas on how you can celebrate this. Of course as a climate focused association we take this day as a way to focus on doing something kind for the planet.

So how do we celebrate it?

We have created a list below of suggestions which you as an individual or as a whole association could follow.

  • Plant something

  • Bring your own bottle or mug to work (save using the plastic ones!)

  • Replace inefficient bulbs

  • Walk or cycle to work. (Today also happens to be National Walk and Bike to School Day)

  • Vote or join a positive climate initiative. The power of collective action can be a force to behold.

  • Cut food waste

  • Turn off the lights! This also goes for any electrical appliances when you are not using them, this is also great for cutting energy costs

  • Save water

Although these may seem small every little action makes a difference and works towards us being kinder to our environment. Have any suggestions of your own? Let us know by emailing in at: or comment on our LinkedIn post!


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