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Roadmap to Net Zero: Overview for the UK food and drink sector

CAFA is excited to announce that the FDF has created a roadmap to net zero for the food and drink sector.

As COP26 heads into it's second week the FDF are transforming the food and drink industry by providing two resources to help organisations reach their net zero target. The food and drink industry plays a huge role in reducing the impact of climate change. Around one quarter of the global greenhouse gas emissions is due to food systems. To avoid the worst effects of climate change the worlds global temperature must be limited to 1.5°C and achieve Net Zero emissions by mid-century.

The FDF has produced a roadmap for sector stakeholders and policymakers which outlines how the FDF, and the wider food and drink sector, are contributing to deliver Net Zero.

This road map to net zero is also accompanied by the FDF’s Achieving Net Zero handbook, which provides practical guidance for all food and drink manufacturers in implementing their own decarbonisation roadmaps.

To access the FDF’s Achieving Net Zero handbook see the following link:

Original source: Food and Drink Federation


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