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Sustainability, climate change & skills for net zero and a green recovery

IET believe engineers have the skills, insights and ingenuity to help tackle climate change in ways that optimise efficiency, economy, safety and reliability. Engineers are problem solvers and innovators, with a unique world perspective. Most of these issues are significant, challenging and require unprecedented collaborative action. Engineering is central to solving them.

The understanding and articulation of these challenges will develop over time and the IET and the engineering profession stands ready to deliver solutions and ensure a more sustainable, smarter and brighter future for all.

IET has defined a strong climate and sustainability position and developed a web area full of research and resources. IET's sustainability principles are: Think long-term, think locally, strive to innovate, use all resources responsibly, be a champion

IET also carry out an annual skills survey of engineering employers in the UK.

In 2020 IET focused on the skills requirements for delivering the UK Government’s net-zero target by 2050, the subsequent impacts of COVID-19 on engineering employers, difficulties in recruiting engineers, and employer perceptions of the engineering skills gap.

A key recommendation is that Industry, government and academia need to collaborate to identify the essential skills required to deliver net-zero targets and provide a workforce that’s fit for purpose.

Find out more about how IET is taking climate leadership, driving value and providing support to members.

About IET: With over 158,000 members in 153 countries, IET is one of the world’s largest and authoritative engineering institutions


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