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The Carbon Trust launches new Route to Net Zero Standard

With over 1,000 companies worldwide setting science-based emission reduction targets*, the challenge now is creating and delivering the action plans to achieve success. To help address this, the Carbon Trust is launching the new Route to Net Zero Standard, a key driver in its mission to accelerate the move to a decarbonised future.

To achieve science-based targets, the Route to Net Zero Standard will support companies in the development and evolution of their action plans, helping to measure and manage their emissions, inform carbon reduction strategies, and align targets for the future. It is the only certification that recognises an organisation’s progress on their route to Net Zero, acknowledging that companies in different industries, geographical locations, and facing diverse challenges, may be at different stages.

There are three tiers of certification: 1) Taking Action 2) Advancing and 3) Leading, which recognises a company’s efforts wherever they are on their journey. Companies will receive tailored support to increase their climate ambition over time, and guidance on how to align to science-based targets and best practices. The Carbon Trust will also help organisations communicate their progress to stakeholders through marketing communication resources.

As part of the Carbon Trust’s long term digital investment strategy, the Route to Net Zero Standard will be the first service offering delivered through a new digital platform, to ensure the comprehensive assessment is seamless and engaging, with custom designed interfaces. The platform will evolve to support companies with carbon footprinting, target setting and value chain analysis.

Ten pathfinder companies have already signed up to the Carbon Trust’s Route to Net Zero Standard, to include Virgin Media O2, PwC, Sainsbury’s, Severn Trent Water and SGN, which will help to plan their route map to Net Zero and certify their progress to share with stakeholders.

Tracey Herald, Head of Sustainability at Virgin Media O2 said:

“We’re proud to be one of the first pathfinder companies to work towards the Carbon Trust’s ‘Route to Net Zero Standard’. This provides Virgin Media O2 with a robust and rigorous framework, which holds us to the highest standards as we create and deliver a transparent and best practice climate plan to decarbonise our business.”

Patrick Dunne, Director of Property and Procurement at Sainsbury’s said:

“We’re really proud to be the only retailer and one of the first organisations to sign up to the Carbon Trust’s new Route to Net Zero Standard. We’re committed to reaching our newly accelerated target to be Net Zero by 2035 in our own operations and believe that external verification and guidance from industry leaders like the Carbon Trust will help us to plan our route there at the speed and scale needed. As an early adopter of the new standard and a named Pathfinder, we look forward to partnering with the Carbon Trust to advance not only our own progress, but to lead the way for others towards a decarbonised future.”

Tom Delay, Chief Executive at the Carbon Trust added:

“Tackling the climate crisis is the most critical environmental issue of our time, requiring businesses to both act and collaborate to elicit change and achieve success. The new Route to Net Zero Standard will inspire and foster immediate and longer term action by supporting companies as they create and deliver on their roadmaps to reduce carbon emissions, certifying and celebrating their achievements as they progress. We are delighted to have ten pathfinder partners already committed to the new standard and look forward to our continued collaboration on their journeys to Net Zero.”

Original Source: The Carbon Trust


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