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‘UK must replace 80m windows to meet net zero targets’

Modern windows could potentially save homeowners up to £395 annually, according to a new report.

Approximately 80 million windows in the UK require replacement to align with the government’s net zero targets.

A report titled ‘A Window of Opportunity,’ jointly published by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) and British Glass suggests the UK’s housing stock currently ranks as one of the least energy efficient in Western Europe, exhibiting one of the poorest records for carbon reduction since 1990.

The study underscores the potential benefits of replacing older double-glazed windows with modern, compliant alternatives, which could result in a 50% reduction in heat loss in well-insulated homes, decreasing it from 44% to 22%.

Analysts estimate that the replacement of old windows could lead to the possibility of annual savings of up to £395 for homes equipped with new, compliant windows.

Chris Beedel, Head of Advocacy at the GGF, said: “We are well aware of the current state of the economy, and as the government requires higher energy efficiencies from new windows, there needs to be real incentives for homeowners to make the necessary change to new windows.”

Original Source: Energy Live News


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