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UN Climate Champions call on non-state actors to align their advocacy and engagement

The UN Climate Change High-Level Champions have today released a call to action for non-state actors to join the Race to Zero and align their advocacy, policy and engagement with net zero goals. This call to action is endorsed by We Mean Business Coalition, Influence Map, Environmental Defense Fund, and Ceres, and supported by Race to Zero Partners, like Net Zero Asset Managers, Under2 Coalition and Science Based Targets initiative.

Race to Zero’s Partners and 11,000+ members have strengthened norms and voluntary non-state action on net zero. However, delivering a just and inclusive global transition to a resilient net zero society also requires supportive policy and regulatory environments at national levels, reflective of different national circumstances.

The call to action sets out clear steps that non-state actors can take to support and call for ambitious and just net zero policies and regulation which will demonstrate their serious commitment to tackling climate change. Non-state actors can lead the way using their voice to call for the creation of a supportive and aligned policy and regulatory environment that enables all actors to achieve net zero through just transition.

The call to action is endorsed by the We Mean Business Coalition, who today released ‘Ambition to Advocacy: a framework for responsible policy engagement’ publication. The framework provides tools and best practice to enable companies to match their climate advocacy to their climate ambition, and Race to Zero encourages companies to use it to respond to this call to action.

The call to action marks a continuation of action started last year with inclusion of the 5th P (Persuade) in Race to Zero’s criteria, which requires RtZ members ‘to align their external policy and engagement with net zero goals’. This 5th P builds from Race to Zero’s other ‘4Ps’, encouraging 11,000+ members to enact credible net zero pledges, developing climate transition plans, proceeding and aligning with sectoral breakthroughs, and transparently publishing progress.

The call to action also builds from the recommendations of UN Secretary General’s High Level Expert Group on Net Zero Emissions Commitments of Non-State Entities at COP27, and the Pivot Point Report launched last year, which called for building on the groundswell of voluntary climate action into ground rules for the economy.

Next week, during its 3rd year anniversary, Race to Zero will also publish ‘The 5th P Handbook’, a guide for non-state actors on how they can align their advocacy, policy and engagement with net zero goals. The Handbook will feature best in class case studies of Race to Zero members on their climate advocacy, and will serve as a useful resource for Race to Zero’s Partners and over 11,000 members - covering business, finance, cities, states and regions, healthcare and education.

"The science is clear that net-zero by 2050 will not be achieved without robust policy and regulatory intervention. This is where the unique position of representative organisations such as trade associations and professional bodies comes into play. Regardless of the industry or profession represented, CAFA calls on all membership organisations to take proactive, non oppositional leadership, provide guidance, establish governance, embed standards and drive science aligned climate policy and advocacy. CAFA endorses the UN Climate Champions call on non-state actors to align their advocacy and engagement with a just transition to net zero and we continue to support and celebrate those membership organisations that align their engagement with net zero goals." Alison Heppenstall - CEO, Climate Action for Associations


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