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Unleashing the Sustainable Business

The University of Cambridge has created a working report in order to summarise why a purpose driven approach to business is the optimum route to creating a durable, equitable and sustainable future.

The paper offers an alternative, purpose-driven approach to business that presents a fresh vision for creating durable, equitable wellbeing. This includes providing insights into the best pathways to deliver this outcome. The four main areas covered by the report include:

1. Business-as-usual undermines sustainability.

2. Tweaking your business-as-usual does not lead to sustainability.

3. Many of today’s leading companies are still operating under a business-as-usual logic.

4. A purpose-driven approach to business is the best route to sustainability

These talking points offer a deeper understanding of how businesses can consider their role in society and provides insight on the potential difficulties ahead.

To access the report please see the link below.


Original Source: CISL


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