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World Animal Day: How climate change is having an impact

On World Animal Day this year (4 October), we are highlighting the devastating impact of climate change and environmental problems on working animals across the world and the poverty-stricken communities they support. Drought, natural disasters (such as flooding, cyclones and wildfires), plastic pollution and other serious issues are threatening the survival of animals on an unprecedented scale. Since 1970, we’ve lost 68% of all wildlife populations with a huge percentage of this lost being credited to a changing climate.

A lot of the time when we talk about climate we talk about the impact on us as humans and the environment around ourselves. However, a larger focused need to be placed on other living being around us and how we can mitigate the ever increasing problem for them.

Did you know?

  • More than 13 million animals in Ethiopia, such as horses, mules, cattle and camels, lost their lives due to drought in 2008 and 2011

  • Working animals in Mongolia face a major risk from the ‘dzud’ – a climate phenomenon where temperatures fall as low as -50˚C

  • In India, 17,000 animals were killed by cyclones last year and more than one million cattle are lost to flooding every year

So how can we help?

Apart from continuing the fight against climate change and putting more pressure on ourselves to reach net zero there are lots of resources out there on supporting animals welfare. We have created a list below on some thing you can do to help.

  • Adopt an animal (WWF)

  • Donate to a credited animal charity (WWF, SPANA)

  • Plant more trees and flowers (You could introduce climate ready plants)

  • Create spaces for wildlife to live around you (Garden, balcony and by protecting nature reserves)

  • Keep the environment clean and litter free

  • Educated yourself on endangered species

  • Plant vegetation along beaches

Protecting animals is just as important as protecting ourselves as without them we cannot survive.


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