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UKGBC Opens Applications for Whole Life Carbon Roadmap Task Groups

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has today opened applications to apply for one of four Task Groups that will help shape the content of the Whole Life Carbon Roadmap for the UK Built Environment.

The Whole Life Carbon Roadmap project aims to develop a timeline of carbon reduction targets and actions, covering the total life cycle impact of the built environment in the UK, and secure the support of relevant industry actors in delivering decarbonisation.

Critically, the Roadmap development aims to be a consensus-based, co-owned process that brings together key stakeholders from across the built environment sector. There will be various opportunities for industry involvement, including via participation in one of the following four Task Groups:

  • New Build: Residential and Commercial

  • Retrofit: Residential

  • Retrofit: Commercial

  • Infrastructure

The Task Groups will provide a forum for forward thinking practitioners to tackle the pressing challenges to achieving net zero whole life carbon across the built environment and propose a timeline of solutions. An industry-wide Steering Group is overseeing the Roadmap and providing strategic input throughout the process.

Applications for the Task Groups are being sought from within the UKGBC membership and across the real estate sector, covering a broad range of experience and knowledge in key net zero focus areas, for example:

  • Existing and emerging industry and academic research, consultation, evidence and policy recommendations in support of a net zero built environment

  • Technical feasibility and implementation challenges for domestic retrofit

  • Insulation and heat-pump implementation

  • Commercial and public building retrofit opportunities

  • Existing building facilities management and energy optimisation

  • Market incentivisation, regulation and the role of green finance

  • New build performance standards and data disclosure

  • Design approaches to minimise whole-life carbon of new development

  • Low carbon construction materials and supply chain innovation

  • Skills, training and education

Diverse individuals from any discipline within the construction and property industry are encouraged to apply. Applicants are expected to have 5+ years’ experience in the industry, or specific knowledge within a relevant topic area.

The deadline for applications is Friday 5 March 2021.

Access the Task Group Terms of Reference below for more information on the objectives, time commitment, and how to apply.

Source: UKGBC February 2021


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