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CAFA Responds: Rising from Despair

This week's sombre reflections from leading climate scientists, as shared by the Guardian, resonate deeply within us at CAFA. The sense of hopelessness and brokenness underscores the gravity of our climate emergency.

As the stark reality of surpassing the 1.5°C temperature threshold looms before us, we must confront the dystopian future painted by scientific projections—famine, conflict, and unbearable heat. These aren't merely worst-case scenarios but warnings grounded in empirical evidence, demanding urgent action.

Yet, amidst this despair lies an imperative for radical change—a call to arms for all of us to chart a different course. Doubt, despair and misinformation mustn't hinder the radical collaboration and bold action needed to address the climate crisis head-on.

At CAFA, we also refuse to succumb to despair. Instead, we recognise our responsibility to Membership Organisations and Trade Associations shape a different future. Despite the daunting challenges ahead, we draw inspiration from the progress already achieved in transitioning to clean energy. The record increase in solar generation and the accelerating pace of renewables offer glimpses of a brighter tomorrow.

While political will may falter, we find solace in the myriad of individuals and Membership Organisations and Trade Associations heeding the urgent warnings of climate scientists and taking tangible steps towards positive change. From engineers revolutionising our energy grids to regenerative farmers restoring our soil, a groundswell of collective action is underway.

Let us harness the collective strength of our resolve and forge ahead, knowing that a world beyond 1.5°C is not inevitable—it's ours to shape.

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