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'Catalysing Action for Our Ocean & Climate': World Ocean Day 2024

World Ocean Day is nearly upon us, and this year's theme focuses on "Catalysing Action for Our Ocean & Climate." This theme emphasises the crucial link between a healthy ocean and a stable climate, urging collaborative efforts to tackle pressing challenges.

Key areas of focus include maximising existing climate solutions, transitioning to clean energy, and halting fossil fuel extraction. There are also urgent calls for the rapid phase-out of single-use plastics to combat pollution, alongside prioritising the protection and restoration of ecosystems.

We'd like to spotlight some leading membership organisations that are already leading the charge in this field:

  • Marine Conservation Society: Committed to protecting marine habitats and species, the Marine Conservation Society works tirelessly to promote sustainable marine practices and raise awareness about ocean conservation.

  • Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST): This organisation unites marine professionals across engineering, science, and technology fields to promote ocean health and sustainability. By fostering collaboration and community, IMarEST encourages its members to contribute their time, resources, and expertise to support initiatives aimed at safeguarding the ocean.

  • Oceana: With a mission to restore and protect the world's oceans, Oceana utilises advocacy, science, and legal expertise to combat overfishing, habitat destruction, and pollution, driving positive change on a global scale.

Membership organisations can significantly amplify their impact by fostering collaboration and community, encouraging members to contribute their time, resources, and expertise to support campaigns aimed at safeguarding the ocean. By utilising their platform for advocacy and lobbying for policy changes, as well as raising awareness through public education campaigns, they can effectively engage in research to understand ocean challenges and empower action. Additionally, engaging in direct-action campaigns demonstrates their commitment to marine conservation, inspiring others to join the cause.

At CAFA, we see it as our role to mobilise our members' collective influence and resources to advocate for ocean-friendly policies, educate the public on marine conservation, and engage in research and direct-action initiatives to address and mitigate climate-related challenges.



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