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Climate leader David Carlin on crossing 1.5° C warming threshold: "There is still hope in pursuing Net Zero".

This compelling new article from Climate and Sustainability Leader, David Carlin, discussed the impact of record temperatures on our climate goals and the pursuit of net zero.

Published in Forbes, David delves into the consequences of surpassing the 1.5°C warming threshold and addresses burning questions surrounding the future of climate action. The article challenges the notion of doomism by providing insightful answers, emphasising that despite reaching 1.5°C in 2023, net zero is not dead, and there is still power to combat climate change.

It highlights the continued relevance of net-zero pathways even above the 1.5°C limit, offering reasons for optimism in our collective fight against climate change.

This piece serves as a defense of climate action, advocating for the significance of net zero, and encouraging resilience in the pursuit of every fractional degree.

Let's engage in a constructive conversation below and emerge with renewed energy and hope!



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