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ESTA: An energy efficiency manifesto for COP26

The Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA) publish their manifesto setting out solid reasons why using less energy through the utilisation of long standing, well proven solutions has never been more relevant than it is today with a background of Global energy market challenges and an urgent need to save the planet.

Mervyn Pilley, Director, ESTA said:

“ESTA turns 40 years old as a Trade Association in 2022. The solutions offered by its members and the wider energy management sector are tried and tested, and if implemented at speed will provide a solid base for the Net Zero journey. Urgent direct policy action is required from Governments’ around the World to activate these solutions at scale today.”

“As well as highlighting the existing range of solutions, and need for strong behaviour change, the manifesto also sets out a pathway for policy makers to encourage the widest possible take up of energy efficiency measures.”

“ESTA believes that greater financial incentivisation is needed, ideally direct from central government through the tax system to encourage organisations and businesses to invest in energy efficiency. We also believe that direct UK government investment at scale in training installers in the retrofit sector is required as a matter of urgency. Many of the installer supply chain comes from SME businesses and their ability to train up new entrants to the ‘green’ jobs needed around the UK is very limited due to the effects of the economic crisis following the pandemic.”

ESTA will continue to support Government in their determination to reach their targets, working through Global collaborations seeking to inform end users of the solutions readily available to them.

Original Source: ESTA (Energy Services and Technology Association)


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