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CAFA welcomes AEMT as a New Member!

CAFA welcomes AEMT (The Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades) as a New Member!

AEMT is an International Association representing leading companies in the service and repair industry. The AEMT are passionate about maintaining and the craft of rewinding, repairing, and renewing, rotating electro-mechanical equipment and ancillaries to enhance and reuse them.

“Our members play a crucial role in ensuring that rotating electrical equipment is efficiently repaired and maintained, thereby extending the life of these assets and reducing waste. As a touchpoint to the wider industry, AEMT is strategically positioned to drive our members towards, not just meeting, but surpassing net-zero carbon emissions.

Our sustainable strategy is a movement towards fostering a culture of environmental advocacy across far reaching industries, from power generation to water supply. By joining the CAFA group, AEMT is pledging to a cause, and actively leading the way in environmental sustainability within the electro-mechanical sector.” AEMT

CAFA is excited to announce the addition of AEMT to the growing CAFA collective and is eager to work together to accomplish significant milestones in climate action.

"AEMT are genuinely inspiring in the way they are speeding up their emission reductions activity and have introduced a net zero working group as well as planning climate related policies. The importance of the electro-mechanical sector cannot be underestimated. The CAFA Net Zero Association team is looking forward to working with AEMT on its net transition plan over the next few years." Alison Heppenstall, CEO, CAFA.

To learn more about how your membership organisation can join the CAFA Collective, visit



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