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CITMA awarded Carbon Neutral Status for 2022

CITMA has been awarded carbon neutral status for 2022 – the first step in its commitment to be Net Zero within the next few years.

The CAFA Certified Carbon Neutral Status recognises the measurement, reporting and offsetting of CITMA’s recorded emissions in 2022, as well as acknowledging the additional long-term net zero steps CITMA is taking and measures they have already implemented to date.

CITMA started their historical emissions measurement journey recently and recorded seven tonnes of carbon emissions as a direct result of its activities in 2022 from their Scope 1, 2 and partial areas of Scope 3. They are now in the next stage towards their Net Zero goals expanding its scope of measurement to include more activities in 2023.

CAFA is working with CITMA to implement a robust plan. The key next step will be to work with CITMA suppliers, to engage with stakeholders and its members to accelerate action towards CITMA’s ultimate goal of being certified Net Zero Association status.

CITMA has offset all recorded carbon emissions for 2022 by contributing to projects that fund a Global Portfolio of VCS certified carbon reduction programmes such as carbon avoidance, clean and renewable energy generation. Many are within developing countries, where they also provide additional social and environmental benefits. This is in addition to the two tonnes of carbon CITMA offset following it’s Autumn Conference.

Richard Hayward, CITMA Head of PR & Communications said: “This is the start of the journey we are on – we acknowledge that we cannot just offset our way to being net zero and that putting targets and a bold action plan in place to reduce our emissions across all our activities is essential.

“We are delighted to be awarded carbon neutral status and are committed to not only maintain this year-on-year, but to go further. We’ll be working closely with our suppliers to reduce the emissions within our supply chain and reviewing our policies when it comes to procurement as one of our key next steps.

“In addition to this we hope to launch our climate leadership work later this year, encouraging and guiding members and their firms to commit to and become net zero.”

Ali Heppenstall, Executive Director of CAFA said: “Becoming a net zero association is a multi-year journey. CITMA’s bold climate action commitment shines through in the work it has done to date and the steps Richard, and the team are proactively taking. A beacon of hope for the rest of the legal profession, who we hope will follow suit, CITMA is leading from the front and CAFA is proud to be working with the Institute to support, measure and report its Net Zero progress.

Lead like CITMA and many other membership organisations and start your Certified Net Zero Association journey today.

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